MSTP Student Metrics at-a-Glance (n=76)

91% overall average MCAT percentile

3.75 overall average GPA

24% of students identify as Underrepresented in Medicine

50:50 female to male student body

76 students in the program

In comparison, nationally: 

  • MCAT 511 ~83% percentile
  • National average for URiM in MSTP programs < 15%
  • National average for gender composition in MSTP programs is 40:60 (F:M)
Where the current class of MSTP students are from

Student Accomplishments

Ohio State MSTP NIH Fellowship Awardees

Grad Years:

  • 4 Recent Recipients: M. Harrigan, W. Yin, M. Lordo, O. Golubeva
  • 4 applications were submitted in December 2021
  • 6 applications were submitted in Spring 2022

 M3 with NIH F30/F31 Fellowships

  • A. Nalin, L. Dorn, T. King

M4 with NIH F30/F31 Fellowships

  • B. Hansen, A. Hartlage, E. Hu

COM Achievement Awards- Fall 2021

  • Three Leadership award winners: Kylene Daily, Tiffany King, Akila Venkataramany\
  • Three Professionalism award winners: Ansel Nalin, Max Yano, Megan Pino
  • Three Research Achievement winners: Kevin Blum, Lisa Dorn, Brian Hansen
  • Academic award winner: Alexia Martin

MSTP Leadership & Academic Achievement Awards

  • M1: Jeremy Beales, Alexander Efanov, Kun Xing
  • M2: Bella Lee, Alexia Mar1n
  • M4: Russell Ault, Alex Hartlage, Eileen Hu

2021 – Research Productivity & Key Milestones

  • 50 student publications in 2021
  • Nine students defended their dissertations - Spring 2022
  • Six students graduated medical school in 2022
    • Seemaab Ali (PhD Advisor: Cao)
    • Russell Ault (PhD Advisor: Turner)
    • Brian Hansen (PhD Advisor: F)edorov
    • Alexander Hare (PhD Advisor: P)arvin
    • Alex Hartlage (PhD Advisor: Kapoor)
    • Eileen Hu (PhD Advisor: M)uthasamy
What specialties MSTP students go into

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