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Thank you for visiting The Ohio State University MD-PhD program website. We have intended this site to be a resource for our students, applicants, alumni, faculty and programmatic partners. We sincerely believe that our students are some of the best and the brightest scientists and individuals we have had the privilege to know, and our goal is to empower them to reach their full potential as Physician Scientists and citizens. MD-PhD training is rigorous and requires a high degree of dedication, and we believe that the role of the Program should be to add an additional skill set to traditional medical and scientific training that will uniquely enable Physician Scientists to create knowledge that benefits patients and society. Therefore,

The vision of the OSU MD-PhD program is to rigorously and compassionately train the next generation of powerhouse and resilient physician-scientists dedicated to creating knowledge that improves health.

The mission of the OSU MD-PhD Program is to provide a cohesive training in research and clinical medicine that empowers our students to perform at the highest level of physician-scientists in order to create knowledge that benefits humanity; to nurture compassion, service, intellectual curiosity and rigorousness; to create pathways that enhance diversity and inclusivity; to connect our students with the mentorship, sponsorship, and training necessary for personal and professional success.

Current Goals:

  • Continue and enhance anti-racism efforts focused on improving pathways for historically excluded individuals to join the MD-PhD program; improve mentorship and the learning environment for current historically excluded students; become a nationally recognized program for anti-racism activism through publication and dissemination of programmatic tactics to combat white supremacy; continue to recruit and train a diverse and inclusive student population.
  • MD-PhD Faculty Mentorship program for students with the goal of establishing longitudinal relationships between students and MD-PhD faculty members starting with matriculation and continued throughout the entire course of their study; these mentors conduct annual reviews of individual development plans (IDP); provide additional resources and perspectives for MD-PhD students to augment MD-PhD leadership support; to provide a network for MD-PhD students that is both helpful to students seeking support and actively promotes their ongoing development as a physician-scientist in every stage of their training.
  • Enhance Career Development for students. Skills required for success as a physician scientist including grant writing, scientific presentations, executive leadership skills, participation in national societies, and social media expertise in science communication
  • Establish cohesive alumni network with the goal of mentorship, philanthropy, and career development


MSTP Co-Directors, Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD and Rama Mallampalli, MD

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