Preparing students to shape the future of medicine 

The Ohio State University College of Medicine has a long history of preparing students to take on the rigors of a wide variety of post-graduate training opportunities in institutions within Ohio and across the nation. We believe that to meet the needs of our students, faculty and community, we must strive to continuously improve our curriculum.

The MSTP has worked closely with the Medical School and Graduate School Leadership to develop a curriculum specifically for MSTP students - the Lead. Serve. Inspire. Inquire. Investigate (or LSI3) curriculum. The LSI3 curriculum incorporates the new Medical School curriculum and the curricula of the partnering graduate programs to provide MSTP students with a unique, rewarding, and challenging curriculum. At the center of the Lead. Serve. Inspire curriculum are clinical experiences that will help students apply foundational science concepts to patient care. The key aspects of the LSI curriculum framework include: 

  • Three-part curriculum that takes four years to finish
  • Fully integrated basic science and clinical science
  • Early longitudinal practice based clinical service that allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real patients
  • Self-directed learning with multiple assessment methods to provide individualized learning by standardized outcomes
  • Faculty coaching to support strong clinical skills
  • Project work that requires critical thinking and synthesis
  • Clinical problem solving in a team-based environment

Students can choose to enter one of three core PhD programs in the Medical Scientist Training Program – the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, the Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program or the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program. In addition, we offer the option of pursuing a PhD degree in one of many participating PhD programs. If you have an interest in a PhD program other than one of our core PhD programs, please contact the MSTP at 

Learn more about opportunities within the MSTP

Learn more about opportunities within the MSTP