Each month we highlight one of our MSTP students. This month's highlight is: 


Branden Verosky

Area of Study: Neuroscience
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Research interests

  • Neuroscience, Immunology, and Development 

Long term goals/ aspirations

To help innovate a new therapeutic and successfully bring it through clinical trials

Post MSTP Training dream job

Academic physician scientist or biotech – I’m open to exploring different paths to determine where I believe I can have the greatest impact

Fun Facts

What you enjoy outside of school

Anything that gets me outdoors, reading, and trying new restaurants/food

A talent you have always wanted

I’ve always wanted the ability to be a skilled artist through drawing or painting

Favorite book

Patient H.M. –Luke Dittrich

Favorite quote

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”― Albert Einstein

Can’t live without


If you weren’t in MSTP, what would you be doing now?

Not sure, but trying to contribute to science in some way

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