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Student Spotlight - Kenechukwu Okoye

Kenechukwu Okoye 

Kenechukwu Okoye
Biomedical Engineering
Pittsburgh/Washington, DC








Research interests:

Sports biomechanics, human performance, total human biodynamics. Presently interested in how sonography can inform clinicians of knee soft tissue mechanical properties in pre-operative evaluation and how it can help refine and personalize surgical technique in operations like ACL reconstructions.

​Awards, honors, publications:

  • The Ohio State University – University Fellowship – 2015
  • OSU MSTP Academic Achievement and Leadership Award – 2016
  • Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honorary – Inducted 2016
  • Okoye K, Rajabi-Jaghargh E, Banerjee R. 2013. “EFFECT OF ANASTOMOTIC ANGLE ON PRESSURE DROP IN ARTERIOVENOUS FISTULAE.” SBC-2013-14408. ASME 2013 Summer Bioengineering Conference. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Sunriver, Oregon, USA.

Long term goals/ aspirations:

More than anything I want to run a lab, much like my own PI Ajit Chaudhari in the OSU Sports Biomechanics Labs. Ideally I’d be training grad students and teaching courses in engineering and/or medicine while keeping up a career in practicing medicine. If not biomechanics, then I’d love to go back and work in medical devices, incubating ideas and innovations to improve the lives of both patients and health care professionals, especially in the emergency setting.

​Post MSTP Training dream job:

One distant day I’d love to be a physician for a professional sports team or player, or at a sports training academy like IMG in Bradenton, Florida.



What you enjoy outside of school:

In terms of hobbies I enjoy tennis more than anything. I also have a passion for snowboarding. I used to teach snowboard lessons at Perfect North Slopes when I was in undergrad, but now I am a Ski Patroller at Mad River Mountain. I’ve recently taken up cycling for sport and have participated in Pelotonia these past two years. Other than that, I spend way too much time and money on music and concerts, and I’m obsessed with food and cooking. Finally, I digest a lot of stand-up comedy and I’ve tried my hand at writing and performing a short set in undergrad. It was well-received!

A talent you have always wanted:

I wish I were more fluent in Spanish. I also regret not knowing how to play an instrument. I also wish I could know how my colleagues are capable of not procrastinating.

Favorite book:

The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

Favorite quote:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Can't live without:

Food, I mean obviously, but like, good food. If that makes sense.

If you weren't in MSTP, what would you be doing now?

Realistically I’d be in medical device innovation, probably as a design engineer at some medical device company, preparing to try and lay claim to inventions of my own either in a startup company or in academic research within the PhD track.