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Student Spotlight - Lisa Dorn

Marcus Harrigan 

Lisa Dorn
Heart Failure
Cincinnati, OH








Research interests:

Heart failure, cardiac hypertrophy, post-transcriptional gene regulation

​Awards, honors, publications:

-Cum Laude, Washington University in St. Louis (MO), 2015
-Carl Conrad Prize for Excellence in Classical Studies, Washington University in St. Louis (MO), 2015
-University Fellowship, 2017
-Leadership and Academic Achievement Award Winner, 2017
-Trainee Presentation Finalist, DHLRI Institute Research Day, 2017
-Travel Award Recipient, The 37th Annual Meeting of ISHR-NAS, 2018
-Young Investigator Award Finalist, 37th Annual Meeting of ISHR-NAS, 2018

-Reciprocal regulation of myocardial microRNAs and messenger RNA in human cardiomyopathy and reversal of the microRNA signature by biomechanical support. (Circulation)

-MicroRNA-133a protects against myocardial fibrosis and modulates electrical repolarization without affecting hypertrophy in pressure-overloaded adult hearts. (Circulation Research)

-Direct and Indirect Involvement of MicroRNA-499 in Clinical and Experimental Cardiomyopathy. (Circulation Research)

-Dysfunction of the β2-spectrin-based pathway in human heart failure. (Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol)

-Fibroblast-specific genetic manipulation of p38 MAPK in vivo reveals its central regulatory role in fibrosis. (Circulation)

-Correcting glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency with a small molecule activator. (Nature Communications, under revision)

Long term goals/aspirations:

Conduct impactful and translational research based on a population of heart failure and cardiomyopathy patients who I see in clinic – potentially adults with sequelae from congenital heart defects and children with congenital heart defects; foster a new generation of independent and successful female clinician-scientists

​Post MSTP Training dream job:

Practicing pediatric cardiologist running a research lab studying cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure at an academic medical institution


What you enjoy outside of school:

Rock Climbing, hiking, adventuring outside, eating new foods, crafting, sewing, playing piano, board games

A talent you have always wanted:

Ability to sleep whenever and wherever

Favorite book:

House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski

Can't live without:

Coffee, doggos, being outside

If you weren't in MSTP, what would you be doing now?

Either in a PhD program in Classics or teaching Classics/Latin/Greek.