2022 Pilot Awards

Brittany Waterman, MD

Dr. Brittany Waterman, MD

“Palliative Care Utilization for Older Adults with end Stage Liver Disease”
Dr. Katharine Collier, MD

Dr. Katharine Collier, MD

“Somatic copy number alterations in small cell carcinoma of the urinary tract”

Dr. Latha Ganesan, PhD

“Host protective immune functions of Stabilin receptors in liver”
Nathan Brummel, MD

Dr. Nathan Brummel, MD

“Trajectories, Outcomes, and Mechanisms of Frailty in Older Adults Surviving Critical Illness”
Richard Nho, PhD

Dr. Richard S. Nho, PhD

“Abnormal cellular respiration caused by cellular hypoxia is associated with lung fibrosis”
Sakima A. Smith, MD

Dr. Sakima A. Smith, MD

“Utilize optogenetic cardioversion to restore sinus rhythm in a novel βII-spectrin AF in vivo model ”
Sarah MacEwan, MD

Dr. Sarah MacEwan, PhD

“Understanding gaps in the use of telemedicine to improve access to care for the management of hypertension in older adults”
Wing Chan, PhD

Dr. Wing Chan, PhD

“Targeting mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and its hostile microenvironment with a novel chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell product”
Past Pilot Award Winners

Past Pilot Award Winners

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