Improving patients' lives through research

Research holds a place of prominence in the Department of Internal Medicine. The department has a committed faculty of clinical, translational and basic scientists working to discover breakthroughs to end human suffering. Research programs here encompass understanding basic mechanisms of gene and protein dysregulation that result in disease, through translational projects that endeavor to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for disease intervention, to clinical trials of new medications in patient populations. In all types of scientific inquiry, the research is patient-centered.

Collaborative efforts with experts from other disciplines

One of the major assets to research in the department is the ability to collaborate with experts from other disciplines. There is a close association between Department of Internal Medicine scientists and

Within the department, there is also a spirit of collaboration with many investigators from the various divisions working together. Additionally, the College of Medicine has a Center for Clinical and Translational Science funded by the National Institutes of Health which provides a large number of resources for investigators in the department.