The Department of Neuroscience is adding 13 new graduate and dual-level courses in 2024 and 2025. All courses are 7-weeks long and dual-level courses will be in an online format.

Spring 2024 courses:

NeuroSc7100: Current Topics in Neuroscience. Statistical Modeling for Neuroscience
NeuroSc7350: Glial Biology
NeuroSc7715: Principles of Neural Circuit Design and Function

Beginning Autumn 2024, check out:

NeuroSc7435: Genetics of Neurological Disease
NeuroSc7325: Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases

New Dual-Level 7-week Online Courses offered in 2024-2025:

NeuroSc5501: Introduction to Neuroscience I
NeuroSc5502: Introduction to Neuroscience II
NeuroSc5503: Clinical Neurobiology
NeuroSc5504: Scientific Communication
NeuroSc5602: Neurobiology of Movement
NeuroSc5603: Trauma to the CNS
NeuroSc5604: Paradigms Lost and Found in Neuroscience History
NeuroSc5605: Research Techniques in Neuroscience
NeuroSc5606: Human Neuroimaging


Teaching faculty


Sara Gombash Lampe, PhD

Assistant Professor- Clinical, Department of Neuroscience


Georgia Bishop, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Neuroscience

Stephanie Muscat

Stephanie Muscat, PhD

Assistant Professor - Clinical, Department of Neuroscience

Kris Martens, PhD

Kris Martens, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor


John Oberdick, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience Co-Director
Neuroscience Graduate Program Co-Director
Masters in Applied Neuroscience Program