Ohio State’s Neurosurgical fellowship training provides the knowledge and skills required for a career as a specialist in private practice, academic medicine or in other arenas, from board rooms to public service.

Some of the nation’s leading researchers are at Ohio State, providing a tremendous opportunity to learn and contribute. Fellows learn from highly skilled neurosurgeons at the forefront innovative techniques and technologies. Fellows are given a wide range of responsibilities in outpatient clinics and inpatient consults, supervising and teaching residents during rounds and formal presentations and the opportunity to serve as an attending physician. 

As a fellow here, you will perform basic as well as complex surgical cases. Additional education opportunities include didactic lectures, conferences and collaborative case reviews. You’ll be involved in basic and clinical research and other scholarly activity, including multidisciplinary work with physicians from other departments. Some fellowship training takes place at Ohio State’s affiliated institutions, such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital — one of the nation’s largest pediatric ambulatory networks, operating the second busiest emergency department in the country.

Program Directors for Neurosurgery Fellowships

Neurosurgery Oncological and Complex Spinal Surgery Fellowship
Program Director: Ehud Mendel, MD, FACS
Phone: 614-293-5346
Email: mendel.17@osu.edu

Neurosurgical Skull Base/Fractionated Radiosurgery Fellowship
Education Coordinator: Lakesha Cross
Email: lakesha.cross@osumc.edu 

Neurosurgery Comprehensive Spine Center Spinal Surgery Fellowship
Program Director: Francis Farhadi, MD, PhD
Phone: 614-366-4961
Email: farhadi.1@osu.edu

Neurosurgery Stereotactic and Functional Fellowship
Program Director: Ali Rezai, MD, PhD
Phone: 614-366-2420
Fax: 614-366-8779
Email: ali.rezai@osumc.edu 

Minimally Invasive Cranial Surgery Fellowship
Program Director: Daniel Prevedello, MD
Phone: 614-293-7190
Email: Daniel.prevedello@osumc.edu

Neurosurgery Endovascular Fellowship
Program Director: Ciaran Powers, MD, PhD
Phone: 614-293-0689
Fax: 614-366-3388

Surgical Neuro-Oncology Fellowship
Program Director: Pierre Giglio, MD
Email: Pierre.giglio@osumc.edu

Program Coordinator: Kelli Tingley
Phone: 614-688-7592
Email: Kelli.tingley@osumc.edu

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