The Skull Base Research Fellowship Program offered by the Neurosurgery Department at The Ohio State University is a voluntary position aimed primarily for International Neurosurgeons. A J-1 Visa is sponsored by the University for the participants.

Participants have access to the ALT-VISION (Anatomical Laboratory for Visuospatial Innovations in Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery), which is fully equipped for both microscopic and endoscopic study of the skull base anatomy in cadaveric specimens with the aide of neuronavigation as needed.  In the lab different research projects can be done, comparing, developing or refining surgical approaches and techniques or, when not involved in a specific research project, anatomical dissection of the specimens allows the participant to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the skull base anatomy, improving surgical skills and patient outcome.

This position also offers the opportunity to shadow and observe the Skull Base team clinical activities alongside Dr. Daniel Prevedello, Dr. Douglas Hardesty, Dr. Ricardo Carrau and Dr. Bradley Otto. Participants are welcome to watch the wide variety of surgical procedures performed (open microscopic approaches to the skull base and convexity, endoscopic endonasal approaches, endoscopic ventricular approaches and combined endoscopic / microscopic approaches), observe patient interaction in the Clinic, and attend the different weekly academic conferences. 

Furthermore, different nonsurgical clinical research studies are conducted by the Research Team with Drs. Prevedello and Hardesty as the Principal Investigators. For those who wish to participate, further training is required to join these studies.

For those interested in applying, you must have completed a residency program in Neurosurgery and be willing to stay for a minimum of 12 months (1 year). Since all the activities are conducted in English, it is also required that you have an English proficiency certificate (TOEFL: minimum score of 550 for the paper test or 79 for the IBT [internet based test]). You will also need to send us your CV and 3 letters of recommendation for the selection process (all should be in English).

There are usually 3 positions starting in July and January each year, according to availability. Applicants are considered for the selection only after they’ve sent their CV, 3 letters of recommendation and a TOEFL score report above the minimum required. The applicants are selected and the Visa paperwork is started usually 6-8 months before the start date.