The Ohio State Neurosurgery Complex Spinal Surgery Fellowship Program is accepting applications for the clinical fellowship starting July 2019.

The fellowship program centered at Ohio State Spine Care offers intensive training in comprehensive spinal care, with a strong emphasis on complex degenerative, adult deformity, inflammatory, and traumatic spinal pathologies. Advanced training in minimally invasive techniques will be provided.

Fellows will be expected to complete a 12 month clinical exposure to both the surgical and medical management of patients within the multidisciplinary Ohio State Spine Care setting. Fellows will be actively incorporated into ongoing research and will be encouraged to lead individual research projects. The option of an additional year of clinical or basic/translational research activity within established research teams specializing in spinal biomechanics or spinal cord physiology/regeneration will be provided.

The OSUCSC is the primary university center in central Ohio providing a full scope of services including evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation for spinal conditions of diverse etiologies.

Interested candidates completing neurosurgical or orthopedic residencies within North American programs as well as international medical graduates should send inquiries to:


Andrew Grossbach, MD
Fellowship Director, OSUCSC
Department of Neurological Surgery
Phone 614-366-7784