A year of preliminary internal medicine is provided for individuals who match categorical residency positions at Ohio State for neurology, dermatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and ophthalmology.  Candidates matching at Ohio State for their ophthalmology residency are required to complete their internship here as well. 

Internship Rotations:

All prelims undergo orientation with the categorical interns, are assigned a series of inpatient ward rotations divided between the main university hospital, East Hospital, cancer hospital, heart hospital and brain and spine hospital, and participate on the night team.  Ophthalmology prelims participate in (3) 4-week ophthalmology preparatory blocks, while other prelims may apply for a research block. By the end of this year, preliminary trainees can confidently evaluate new patients with concise, insightful histories and complete physical examinations. They can assimilate data to arrive at accurate diagnoses and develop appropriate therapeutic plans. They are confident first responders to complicated internal medicine problems, know their way around our large medical center, and develop positive working relationships with internal medicine and non-internal medicine colleagues. Those successfully completing the year have one year of credit reported to the American Board of Internal Medicine. They are valued members of the Ohio State University Internal Medicine Residency Team!

The ophthalmology prelims complete three rotation blocks in our department where they will:

  • Learn basic exam skills and techniques as they rotate through ophthalmology subspecialty clinics
  • Participate in ophthalmology resident didactics, Monday – Friday
  • One-on-one pathology and neuro-radiology weekly sessions
  • Observe in the operating room, working with ophthalmology attendings and fellows
  • Access to the EyeSi surgical simulator
  • Complete a one month rotation at the Dayton VA 

We feel that the joint preliminary year will promote better continuity between the PGY-1 year and the PGY-2 year, since you will be familiar with the Ohio State hospital system, the electronic medical record system, and most of all, your fellow ophthalmology residents and faculty.  You will also be able to start studying ophthalmology early and master the basics before your residency even begins. 

How to Apply:

Candidates must apply for our ophthalmology residency through SF Match (sfmatch.org).  As the medicine/ophthalmology internship is a required part of our residency, you also need to register with the National Resident Matching Program (nrmp.org).  Our integrated internship program is listed with the NRMP as 1566140P0.  Please remember you only need to be registered with NRMP so if interviewed you can be ranked.

There will not be a separate interview for the preliminary year as you will not need to interview with the Internal Medicine Department.  Applicants who match with OSU for their residency are required to submit a NRMP rank list with the OSU Medicine/Ophthalmology intern year as specified above as their only selection. 

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