Nominate a College of Medicine Professor for the Distinguished Professor Award

The dean annually awards a permanent, honorific title on a competitive basis to one faculty member who has a truly exceptional record of accomplishment appropriate to their track. Called the College of Medicine Distinguished Professor Award, this honor carries a $5,000 honorarium.

The complete criteria for nominees to this award are as follows:

  • Primary appointment in the College of Medicine at the rank of professor
  • Minimum of five years of employment with The Ohio State University
  • Distinguished achievement in teaching, research and scholarship, and/or service, as appropriate to the nominee’s track
  • Record of distinction in exhibiting the values of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine

Procedure to nominate a faculty member for this award:

  1. Nominations may be made by TIU head (or a departmental/school awards committee) and Center or Institute Directors in the College of Medicine
  2. The nomination packet should include:
    1. The nominee’s current CV
    2. A nomination letter detailing the candidate’s accomplishments 
    3. Two external support letters 
  3. Nominations are due to the College of Medicine Faculty Awards Committee by Tuesday, May 31.
    1. Nominations may be resubmitted for up to three consecutive years.

Evaluation and Notification:

  1. All nominations will be evaluated by the College of Medicine Faculty Awards Committee. The Committee then makes a recommendation to the dean by Monday, Aug. 1 for final review and approval.
  2. The committee will assess the nominations on the basis of the nominee’s impact in their discipline. The achievements that have the greatest impact on the field, whether clinically, in research or in the realm of educating students and trainees, will receive the highest evaluation.
  3. The awardee will be notified by Friday, Sept. 30.

Assemble nomination materials into one nomination PDF in the order listed below.

  • Cover letter from TIU/Department Head and/or Center or Institute Directors in the College of Medicine
  • Nominator’s letter and documentation of accomplishments
  • Two external evaluation letters
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae

Submit nomination PDF via e-mail through the nomination portal (submission box above). Please type “College of Medicine Distinguished Professor Nominee” into the subject line of the e-mail.

Questions may be directed to