Associated faculty appointments exist for faculty members who focus on a specific and well-defined aspect of the college mission, most commonly outstanding teaching and exemplary clinical care. Associated faculty may be involved in scholarly pursuits and service to the university, but this is not required for advancement. Associated appointments may be paid or unpaid.

Promotion on the associated faculty track is awarded for excellence in the conveyance of one’s primary mission. Unlike the regular faculty tracks, a national level of recognition and impact is not required as the scope of the associated faculty member’s responsibilities is more limited. Therefore, demonstration of excellence as supported by exceptional teaching evaluations and patient satisfaction data support the award of promotion on this track.

The primary title series applicable to College of Medicine faculty members on the associated faculty track ends with -practice (e.g. Assistant Professor-Practice). Clinical faculty who practice at Ohio State have the working titles: clinical instructor, clinical assistant professor, clinical associate professor and clinical professor. Community faculty hold the titles: adjunct instructor, adjunct assistant professor, adjunct associate professor and adjunct professor.



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