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The Office of Curriculum and Scholarship


Promoting curriculum and scholarship to enhance the quality of medical education

The Office of Evaluation, Curriculum Research and Development (OECRD) is transitioning to a new title, the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship (OCS). The new title provides a more succinct directive for our education-focused team and encompasses all facets of our department: research, educational technology (including mobile services), faculty development, curriculum design and evaluation. 

Our goal is to improve medical education through program evaluation and learner assessments, curriculum and pedagogical development, and educational technology. We promote educational research and scholarship at the Ohio State University College of Medicine as a means of supporting faculty in becoming national leaders in medical education.​​​​​​​

Now that the LeadServeInspire curriculum is fully implemented we can expand our offerings to other departments within the College of Medicine, including Graduate Medical Education. Let us know if you have questions or would like to work with us on your projects.