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Medical Education Research


OCS is committed to promoting scholarly activity in the College of Medicine by helping faculty develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage int he educational research process. Education Resource Specialists (ERS) are highly skilled educational researchers who collaborate with faculty on their educational scholarship. Included are projects involving the investigation of curricula and educational interventions, and those assessing knowledge, skills and dispositions of learners in educational programming. The purpose of such projects is scholarly dissemination. ERSs can join your research team to collaboratively design and carry out analyses for studies that fall within the scope of OCS capabilities. ERSs can also provide general guidance on best practices for engaging in educational research. OCS contributions to research studies may involve the following: 

  • Designing a study 
  • Analyzing data 
  • Developing surveys or instruments 
  • Assessing validity of existing surveys or instruments managing data 
  • Contributing to dissemination of scholarship (e.g., project methods and results) in the form of manuscipts, conference proposals, and presentations
  • Providing feedback on grant proposals

To schedule a consultation with an ERS, please submit a request here​. ​For general inquiries regarding your research intersts, please email ocs@osumc.edu. 

A full description of our educational research and program evaluation services, including our scope of work (capabilities), collaborations, and project prioritization (capacity) can be found here: research services.docxresearch services.docx.