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Annual Reviews

Every faculty member must have an annual review as conducted by their department and/or division chair. 

Annual reviews are required to be written in narrative. The complete OAA Policy may be found here: http://oaa.osu.edu/assets/files/documents/annualreview.pdf

The purposes of such a review are as follows

1. ​​Assist faculty in improving professional productivity through candid and constructive feedback and through the development of professional development plans that meet the joint needs of the unit and the faculty member.

2. Establish the goals against which faculty performance will be assessed in the foreseeable future.

3. Document faculty performance in the achievement of stated goals in order to determine salary increases and other resource allocations, progress toward promotion, and, in the event of poor performance, the need for remedial steps.

The College of Medicine does not have a standard review form, the decision about how to review faculty is up to each TIU. However, there are some guidelines to follow, per Faculty Rule 3335-6-03 (C)(2).