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Teaching Requirement

All faculty members at the OSU College of Medicine have an obligation to teach.  The receipt of a University salary entails a requirement for teaching of students enrolled in University educational programs.  In the College of Medicine, this requirement applies principally to the teaching of medical students, but may also be applied to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students as well.  Residents and Fellows, on the other hand, are not included in the University teaching expectation because these individuals are funded from other sources, and in fact receive a stipend rather than pay tuition.

A reasonable expectation is that each faculty member will devote ½ day per week of his or her time to this teaching obligation.  Based on a 40 hour work week, this requirement would translate into 4 hours per week, or 10% of the faculty member’s time.  A more realistic estimate of the current faculty work hours would be 50, or even 60 working hours per week.  However, for purposes of this policy, we can agree to use the 40 hour week and require ½ day (4 hours) of teaching per week.   (Using the more realistic 60 hour figure [which is supported by recent faculty surveys], the weekly teaching requirement of 4 hours amounts to a commitment of  less than 7% of a faculty member’s time.)

At the time of formal approval of the College of Medicine Educational Reserve (December, 2006), the College developed a formula for translating various educational activities into “teaching hours.”  A copy of that formula is attached.  In addition, new values for teaching “credit” have been assigned to activities not previously recognized.

Within any given College of Medicine department, each individual faculty member may be assigned more than 4 hours per week of teaching, or less than 4 hours, depending on that individual’s strengths and the department needs, as long as, in aggregate, the department delivers 4 hours of teaching per week per faculty member.  In addition, it is reasonable for departments to “trade” teaching hours to other departments, as long as there is appropriate compensation from the trading department to the department which agrees to undertake additional teaching hours above its basic expectation level.

This approach will ensure that the College of Medicine can fulfill all of its current and future teaching obligations.


NOTE: Criteria apply to teaching undergraduate, graduate and medical students; not residents, not post-doctoral fellows


Activity                                                           Prep Time       Credit Hours (Prep + session time)

New Lecture – Basic Science Faculty              6.25 hours       7.25 hours

                        Clinical Science Faculty                       3.50 hours       4.50 hours

Established Lecture – Basic Science Faculty   1.00 hours       2.00 hours

                        Clinical Science Faculty          1.00 hours       2.00 hours

Lab Session (2 hour session)                           1.50 hours       3.50 hours

Lab Session (1 hour sessions)                          0.75 hours       1.75 hours

Small group or tutorial leader (2 hr. session)    1.50 hours       3.50 hours

Small group or tutorial leader (1 hr. session)    0.75 hours       1.75 hours

Teaching med students in clinic (per ½ day)                            2.00 hrs/day    

Clinical didactics (1 hr. session)                                  2.00 hours       3.00 hours

Writing test questions (per lecture hour)                      1.00 hours       1.00 hours

ISP Module                                                      Average: 32 hours/year

                                                                        Range: 24 – 48 hours/year

Articulate presentation new development        8.00 hours

Established Articulate presentation update      1.00 hours

Research Seminar                                            Same as Small group/tutorial values, above

Research Education                                         1 Credit hour = 1/3 hour per week

Research Preceptorships (per ½ day)                                      2.0 hours                                                        


Note: Regular type values were approved as part of the COMER project report – December, 2006; Values in italic are proposed, not yet approved.

Consider: Converting both Basic Science and Clinical Science New Lecture to the same value for preparation (3.5 hours)