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Transfer of Tenure Initiating Unit

Per the OAA Handbook, section 7.1, p. 63:

The concept of a TIU and the circumstances under which a RTT faculty member may be considered for transfer to a new TIU are described, along with the necessary approvals, in Faculty Rule 3335-6-06.

Approval of the transfer by OAA is dependent on the establishment of mutually agreed upon arrangements between the administrators of the affected academic units, including the deans(s) and the faculty member.

An MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] signed by all parties, including OAA, must describe in detail the arrangements of the transfer. Since normally the transferring faculty member will fill an existing vacancy in the receiving unit, the MOU will describe resources supporting the position, including salary, provided by the receiving unit.

Rarely will a faculty line be moved from one unit to another to enable a voluntary transfer. To do so would effectively downsize one unit and enlarge another without regard for university priorities and programmatic needs.

The review schedule of probationary RTT faculty is not altered by transferring TIU. Requests for exceptions due to special circumstances must be submitted to OAA before the MOU is finalized.‚Äč