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Promotion & Tenure


Promotion and tenure are issues of the utmost importance for faculty career development. Each department has developed an appointment, promotion, and tenure document which includes the department specific criteria for career advancement in all faculty tracks, as well as methods for evaluating those criteria. Faculty members are encouraged to obtain their department document as early as possible in their faculty careers, and to be aware of the criteria and standards that will be employed to evaluate their progress. This can be obtained from the Chairperson, the department administrator, or the chair of the departmental promotion and tenure committee.

For a brief overview with some important tips, please see this Promotion Presentation.

The University's Office of Academic Affairs oversees the promotion and tenure process for all colleges. Their policy and procedure handbook provides the framework for the college's process. The University's Promotion and Tenure guidelines can be found here: OAA Volume 3​.

The College of Medicine has developed a document that describes the College criteria for advancement and procedures for evaluation. The general rules pertaining to appointment, promotion and tenure are contained in Chapter 47 of the Ohio Revised Code, which can be found in the University Rules.​ 


COM Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Document


Exclusion of Time

Exclusion of time from the probationary period is permitted under certain circumstances such as the birth of a child or circumstances beyond the control of the faculty member which interfere with the ability to perform the regular duties of a faculty member. Requests related to the birth (or adoption) of a child must be initiated within one year of the birth (or adoption). Requests are made for one year at a time, with a maximum of two years. The rules pertaining to requests for exclusion of time can be found in the University Rules. The forms to be used can be found at: Notification of Birth or Adoption and Exclusion of Time for Reasons other than birth or adoption. ​​​​​​​​​​​