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Xiaokui (Molly) Mo, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

office: 320-D Lincoln Tower
phone: (614) 293-3177
fax: (614) 688-6600

mailing address:

250 Lincoln Tower 
1800 Cannon Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

Xiaokui-Molly Mo, PhD, is a research assistant professor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics and Center for Biostatistics. Her research interest covers design of experiments for laboratory and clinical studies, correlative study using public available database and pathway/network analysis applying various bioinformatics approach. Her current research focuses in the areas of biomarker discovery utilizing high throughput omics data across multiple platforms (mRNA, miRNA, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiome, etc). 

In addition to her years of experience in applied statistics, she has basic research experience for over 10 years. Prior to joining the Center for Biostatistics in 2008, Dr. Mo was a lead research associate studying signal transduction in the Division of Pulmonary at the Wexner Medical Center.  She received a PhD in Biochemistry in 2002 and a Master in Applied Statistics in 2002 from Ohio State University.