Ask a Resident Event

Wednesday, October 14th, 8 PM EDT

At this resident only event, we will not only answer any questions you have about our programs, but will also serve as a resource for any questions or concerns you have in preparing for interview season. We want to help you put your best foot forward during interview season this year!

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What makes our residency programs different

Why Ohio State?

Learn from alumni and current trainees about what makes Ohio State stand apart from other radiology residency programs.

Medical Informatics Research and Electives

Residents at Ohio State have the opportunity to engage in research and schedule electives with expert faculty in Medical Informatics & Augmented Intelligence.

Leadership development opportunities at Ohio State

Learn about leadership opportunities that our residents have experienced throughout their Radiology Residency training.

Resident Life in Columbus, Ohio

Residents describe the appeal of Columbus, Ohio for their radiology residency training.

A sense of community at Ohio State

Residents share their family life experiences during their Radiology Residency training at Ohio State.
Learn more about our Radiology Residency programs

Learn more about our Radiology Residency programs

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