Our academic, research-oriented institution has a long tradition of training leaders in surgery. Our residents bring to the program diverse perspectives and backgrounds, enriching the program further and deepening the care experience that our patients receive.

Our Graduates

Surgery residents in masks with Brutus BuckeyeOur residency program graduates have achieved prominence and success in community practice and at major academic institutions throughout the United States. We are very proud of what our graduates have accomplished. 

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PGY5 General Surgery Residents

Natalie Eisert

Natalie Eisert, MD, MS

  • MD: University of Michigan
Anahita Jalilvand

Anahita Jalilvand, MD, PhD

  • MD: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Kathryn Scholsser

Kathryn Schlosser, MD

  • MD: University of Vermont
Rita Shelby

Rita Shelby, MD, MS

  • MD: University of Texas-Galveston
Emily Singer

Emily Singer, MD

  • MD: University of California
Michael Villarreal

Michael Villarreal, MD, MBA

  • MD: University of Texas-Galveston
Jason Zakko

Jason Zakko, MD, MS

  • MD: University of Florida

PGY4 General Surgery Residents

Dathe Benissan-Messan

Dathe Benissan-Messan, MD, MS

  • MD: University of Nebraska
Amblessed Onuma

Amblessed Onuma, MD, MS

  • MD: University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill
Anghela Paredes

Anghela Paredes, MD, MPH

  • MD: University of Illinois
Steven Scoville

Steven Scoville, MD, PhD

  • MD: The Ohio State University
Kejal Shah

Kejal Shah, MD, MS

  • MD: The Ohio State University
Steven Sun

Steven Sun, MD, MS

  • MD: University of Michigan

PGY3 Lab General Surgery Residents

Rami James Aoun

Rami James Aoun, MD, MPH

  • MD: American University of Beirut
Apeksha Dave

Apeksha Dave, MD

  • MD: University of Connecticut
Dahlia Kenawy

Dahlia Kenawy, MD

  • MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jennifer Underhill

Jennifer Underhill, MD

  • MD: Uniformed Services University
Ingrid Woelfel

Ingrid Woelfel, MD

  • MD: Virginia Commonwealth University

PGY3 General Surgery Residents

Patrick Bou-Samra

Patrick Bou-Samra, MD

  • MD: American University of Beirut
JC Chen

JC Chen, MD

  • MD: Ohio State University
Adrian Diaz

Adrian Diaz MD, MPH

  • MD: Virginia Commonwealth University
Ashley Donovan

Ashley Donovan, MD

  • MD: University of Pittsburgh
Maximiliano Magallanes

Maximiliano Magallanes, MD

  • MD: The University of Texas Southwestern
Gregory Metzger

Gregory Metzger, MD, MSE

  • MD: The Ohio State University

Theresa Wang, MD

  • MD: University of Washington

PGY2 Lab General Surgery Residents

Ruth Ackah

Ruth Ackah, MD

  • MD: Baylor College of Medicine
Lindsay Gil

Lindsay Gil, MD

  • MD: Loyola University Chicago

Ahmad Hamad, MD

  • MD: American University of Beirut
Jing Han

Jing Han, MD

  • MD: Duke University

Kelli Patterson, DO, MS

  • DO: Ohio University
Tejen Shah

Tejen Shah, MD

  • MD: University of Massachusetts

PGY2 General Surgery Residents


Katherine Bergus, MD

  • MD: University of Washington

Courtney Collins, MD

  • MD: University of Kentucky

Marissa Guo, MD

  • MD: University of Michigan
Joseph Hoying

Joseph Hoying, MD

  • MD: Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine

Whitney Kellett, MD

  • MD: University of South Carolina

Manoj Palavalli, MD

  • MD: University of Missouri-Columbia

Patrick Quinn, MD

  • MD: Rutgers University

Shruthi Srinivas, MD

  • MD: University of Massachusetts

Jordan Stafford, MD

  • MD: University of Oklahoma

PGY1 General Surgery Residents

Daniel Chopyk

Daniel Chopyk, MD, PhD

  • MD: Emory University School of Medicine
Khaled Dibs

Khaled Dibs, MBBS

  • MB BS: Jordan University of Sciences and Technology Faculty of Medicine
Daniel Gage

Daniel Gage, MD

  • MD: The Ohio State University
Christopher Gilliam

Christopher Gilliam, MD

  • MD: The Ohio State University
Ayanna Jacobs

Ayanna Jacobs, MD

  • MD: Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
Stefanie Rohde

Stefanie Rohde, MD

  • MD: Yale School of Medicine
Shachi Srivatsa

Shachi Srivatsa, MD

  • MD: Albany Medical College
Diamantis Tsilimigras

Diamantis Tsilimigras, MD

  • MD: University of Athens School of Health Sciences
Allison Whalen

Alison Whalen, MD

  • MD: University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Allen Yi

Allen Yi, MD

  • MD: The Ohio State University

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