The Wexner Medical Center is home to leading-edge research advances at the frontier of surgical sciences. With a focus on public needs, our research is rooted in engaging with our surrounding community. It serves as a platform for the academic development of students, fellows and faculty while providing an opportunity to develop solutions for some of medicine’s most pressing challenges.

Focus Areas

Our research is inclusive of all aspects of developing and delivering new medical products.

We work within several focus areas that align with the goals of our programs:
  • T0: Basic biomedical research performing preliminary research using cell cultures and small animals.
  • T1: Expanding upon basic biomedical research results and moving towards humans as proof of concept studies.
  • T2 and T3: Clinical trials
  • T4: Health services research (SHARP) monitoring and therapeutic trials testing for patient-centered and public health outcomes such as mortality and complications

Laboratories and Resources