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The materials presented on these pages are intended to assist faculty members in accessing information about College and University policies and procedures that pertain to questions or concerns that affect faculty members.

The College's primary governance document is its Pattern of Administration. The Appointment Promotion and Tenure document describes the specific policies and procedures around faculty advancement.

University policies are defined in detail on the OAA website. Please consult the individual policies pertaining to external consulting, professional leave, and conflict of commitment, among others.

As a general principle, it is always expected that every effort will be made to resolve concerns or conflicts at the local level. In most cases, this means working with the Department Chairperson. In cases where the conflict cannot be resolved at the local level, or if the conflict exists with the chairperson, it is appropriate for the issues to be addressed at the college level. With regard to the issues discussed on these pages, the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is the primary contact in the Dean's Office for processing and resolving these matters.