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Sissy Jhiang, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Phone: 614-292-4312
Email: jhiang.1@osu.edu​


PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Post Doctoral, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interest

My current research interests include (1) molecular mechanisms underlying thyroid tumorigenesis and tumor progression using cultured cell lines, genetic engineered mouse models, and patients’ samples; (2) gene regulation, structural and functional analysis, and clinical applications of sodium iodide symporter, the membrane protein that mediates iodide influx into thyroid cells; (3) novel strategies to improve therapeutic efficacy of targeted radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer patients and to eliminate/reduce unwanted side effect of radioiodine induced salivary dysfunction; (4) cell mechanics underlying EMT, cell cycle progression, and cancer metastasis; and (5) genetic engineered mouse models to enable temporal imaging of MEK or PI3K signaling activation in live animals