Our Chief Residents

Suranjana Dey, MD

Suranjana Dey, MD

Chief Resident

I am from Alabama and went to college in Georgia and medical school in my home state. OSU/NCH has been the best excursion into the mid-west I could have ever hoped for! I was looking for a program with a strong med-peds presence and identity – and OSU/NCH med peds was the perfect answer. With strong categorical programs on both sides, as well as dozens of med peds specialists and primary care doctors of all flavors, I knew this would be an excellent place to train and learn from amazing med peds doctors. Our med peds continuity clinic, complete with wonderful staff including SW, pharmacy, and RD have made for a rich training experience. It, as well as our experience in community med peds private practice clinics, have really solidified my love for primary care. In addition, the warmth of the residents here when I interviewed in person was a real selling point. This was the only interview where my med peds tour guide bought me ice cream! As a newcomer to Columbus, I have found so much to love. From our beautiful and varied metro parks for running, walking and biking to our amazing ethnic (central/south American; Somali; Asian) cuisine to a bookstore with 32 rooms, as well as several accessible and convenient neighborhoods and suburbs, Columbus has become home over the past 3 years.

Nathan Parisi, MD

Nathan Parisi, MD

Chief Resident

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, went to college in Indiana, back to Chicago for medical school, and now made my way further east to Columbus! I was drawn to OSU/NCH by the strong categorical programs, the known Med/Peds presence at both hospitals, and the collegiality within the program. I remember on my interview day thinking this was the coolest group of residents who were all good friends, and now I know it was true! We are a close-knit group, and although I'm biased, I think our residents are truly the best! Whether it be general practice or subspecialty, you're bound to find Med/Peds trained physicians who are excited to work with our residents. I was particularly drawn to our combined Med/Peds continuity clinic as well; it truly serves as our residency "home base" in a way. Plus, the nursing and support staff are amazing! Having a social worker, pharmacists, and dieticians in clinic allows more robust and immediate access to important care for our patients and unique outpatient training for residents. This has led me to pursue a career in primary care and medical education. Columbus has really grown on me over the past few years. I love the biking trails and metro parks, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the live music and food scenes as well! You can often find me playing sand volleyball, basketball, or hanging with my dog, Frank. I think there is something for everyone here, so come check it out!

Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residents



Suranjana Dey

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: OSU/NCH had everything I was looking for: large, well-balanced IM and Peds, a strong Med-Peds presence, a dedicated Med-Peds Clinic, strong academics, opportunities to explore advocacy, and amazing people I met before and on interview day. Also, I was defintely swayed by ice cream during our interview tour and hearing about all the fun it seemed like the residents had - nowhere else did I hear about cookie decorating and Harry Potter themed parties!


Anna Downs

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Undergraduate: Furman University
Medical School: University of Louisville

Why I chose Ohio State: OSU med-peds was my very first interview and I kept comparing other programs to it! Everyone was immediately warm and welcoming. There are two amazing hospitals to train at - OSU and Nationwide Children's. The Med-Peds South High Clinic is an incredible place to go to every week and just soak in the med-peds goodness. There are med-peds trained physicians on both sides that are doing really interesting work, and so it's nice to be able to see all the many options that you have with med-peds training. The med-peds program truly is a family and I have felt so supported through both personal challenges and successes. The med-peds residents are highly valued on both sides and have a reputation for being smart, hardworking, and nice!


Alan Gambril

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Undergraduate: University of Alabama
Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: OSU/NCH was my very first interview. I left incredibly excited by the fun and energetic residents, high academic caliber, quality facilities, and prioritized education initiatives. Most importantly, Med-Peds was permeated into every facet of the health system. No other program during interview season excited me to the same level.


Brandon Liebau

Hometown: Massillon, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: Since I trained here for medical school, I observed how well regarded Med-Peds residents were among there peers, and I knew I wanted to join that esteemed group to be trained into an excellent physician. The faculty presence is exceptional. We routinely work with Med-Peds physician both in general practices and subspecialties leading to plenty of mentoring and career advice opportunities. We see a wide variety of patients and presentations at both hospitals which create a great learning experience. Most importantly, my co-residents are awesome people and I have a blast hanging out with them outside the hospital.


Mariel McGuiness

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: 100% for the fantastic people! OSU and NCH both have excellent reputations in clinical care and provide ample opportunities in any area of medicine you have an interest. I absolutely loved my four years at OSU as a medical student, and the Med-Peds residents and attendings I worked with were hands-down my favorite people. There's a ton of Med-Peds pride and our speciality is very well-regarded at both institutions.


Temi Olojo

Hometown: Westland, MI

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: University of Michigan

Why I chose Ohio State: I was initially drawn to this program because of the balanced training on both peds and medicine. It was important to me to be at a program that was strong on both sides. On interview day, I felt that I clicked well with the residents, and loved the camaraderie among them. Lastly, I loved the idea of training at a place with such a large med-peds faculty presence. I thought I could benefit greatly from that level of support and mentorship throughout my training.


Nathan Parisi

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Undergraduate: The University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Rush Medical College

Why I chose Ohio State: I really liked the strong med peds presence at OSU. Both institutions are well regarded, and the med peds program is highly valued at both locations! You are truly 100% IM and 100% peds and welcomed by each categorical program as such. I also thought the med peds residents at OSU were the best I met on the interview trail; everyone is so kind, down to earth, and it's a very close knit group! I wanted somewhere that the residents truly got along well, and I think OSU med peds embodies the "med peds family" vibe. I also really liked the combined med peds clinic with ancillary services right on site (social work, dietician, etc) to give your patients even more services right at their fingertips. We also get to take care of a unique patient population in clinic that makes the work that much more rewarding.


Stephen Ream

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Undergraduate: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: I really valued the balance between categorical IM and Peds while simultaneously having a very strong independent MedPeds presence, the great exposure to pediatric and adult congenital heart disease, and ultimately the deciding factor for me was that the residents were genuinely happy and fun to be around.


Jeanette Schnierle

Hometown: Grosse Ile, MI and Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Undergraduate: Harvard University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: I really looked up to the Med/Peds residents here during medical school, and loved that we have such a large Med/Peds presence among faculty at NCH/OSU. These programs are strong, offer so many resources and opportunities to explore interests, and most of all, have a very tight-knit community that is only growing. Also, NCH is the most beautiful children's hospital!!


Sarah Sprauer

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Undergraduate: Duquesne University
Medical School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: The people by far was one of the biggest reasons I loved OSU and NCH! But also, the strength of both the IM and Peds residency programs. There is exposure to wide variety of pathophysiology and Med-Peds has a strong presence at both institutions. There are also opportunities for other academic interests, such as QI and Patient Safety.



Kate Andrews

Hometown: Novelty, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: I chose OSU/NCH based on the strength of the categorical programs including opportunities in every possible speciality plus a large Med-Peds community. Plus, the culture here is not only welcoming but genuinely fun - I like to say we are party people! I also didn't expect how much I would enjoy being part of a larger program - life just wouldn't be the same without my Med Peds family.


Neemesh Desai

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Undergraduate: University of Maryland, College Park
Medical School: Rush Medical School

Why I chose Ohio State: HUGE Med-Peds presence. You'll hear everyone say it and it does get stale but it doesn't mean it's not true! My med school had a pretty small MP program - there were a handful of MP attendings and a relatively small program size overall. But at OSU/NCH, we are a massive chunk of the total residents, you literally see MP people everywhere - residents and attendings included. Half the time I'll work with an attending and weeks later inevitably find out that they were Med-Peds! Also the level of support from the seniors -- Med-Peds is hard, it's two residencies in one, and I'm a person who really benefits from mentorship and support systems. I am amazed by the amount of people who are constantly checking in on me, finding me randomly in person, texting me, emailing me. Support is EVERYWHERE.


Jenna Hatab

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Why I chose Ohio State: Very strong categorical IM and Peds while also having a huge Med-Peds presence with over 80 med-peds trained faculty (whenever I tell anyone here that I am Med-Peds, they are super excited and rave about how much they love the med-peds people). There is a great balance of inpatient and outpatient training with an emphasis on med-peds ambulatory education at our South High clinic, allowing you to explore truly any career path. The people I met on my interview day were awesome and seemed to be really close friends, and that has absolutely held true since I got here. There is such a strong culture of support here, and my co-residents have become the people I share all of my triumphs and hardships with. Also Columbus is SO MUCH COOLER than I expected and it is in the Midwest so the midwest nice vibes are still a thing!


Andrea House

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergraduate: Baylor University
Medical School: Baylor University

Why I chose Ohio State: Strong categorical programs on both sides, excellent sense of community, strong med-peds presence, close to family.


Geoff Houtz

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Undergraduate: Duke University
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Why I chose Ohio State: OSU and NCH are great for seein gthings you might never see at small hospital programs, while being around some of the best teaching faculty in the world. It is also situated in a great, young city with lots of things to do for people of all ages. Traffic is light, weather is good (if you don't mind frequent cloudiness), and it is close to lots of other cities/places for visiting.


Lauren Ledingham

Hometown: Boston, MA

Undergraduate: Brown University
Medical School: Case Western

Why I chose Ohio State: Strong Med/Peds presence, incredible children's hospital with the most welcoming group of residents, staff, and attendings, the balance between primary care and subspecialty exposure, and the incredible diversity of patients and pathology at both institutions.


Ellen Lubbers

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Undergraduate: Ohio University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: When I was in med school here I saw how much the program had to offer and knew I wanted to stay. The residents have close friendships with each other and feel well supported by the program- Residency is hard, and I wanted to be somewhere where there's all the right people to help me thrive during it. The diversity and acutiy of cases at OSU/NCH is fantastic- there's really nothing we don't see- I knew I'd get excellent clinical training here. There's great Med/Peds representation here- It's great to be somewhere where everyone knows the value of dual training.


Megan McCrohan

Hometown: Northville, MI

Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: Everyone is genuinely committed to bettering the program and supporting each other, huge Med-Peds presence in Columbus, and 2 large academic institutions means no shortage of learning/research/mentorship opportunities!


John Reynolds

Hometown: West Frankfort, IL

Undergraduate: University of Missouri-Rolla/McKendree University
Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Why I chose Ohio State: Loved the curriculum, family-like atmosphere, 2 well regarded medical centers, large med-peds presence.


Hannah Smith

Hometown: Strongsville, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: As someone who was pretty undecided on what my med-peds future, I wanted a program that had a strong med-peds hospitalist presence, a strong primary care clinic, and a lot of subspecialty exposure to hopefully make the decision process easier. Plus as a med student I loved the med-peds culture here! Buckeye for life!



Nicole Chang

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Undergraduate: UNC-Chapel Hill
Medical School: UNC-Chapel Hill

Why I chose Ohio State: I loved how supportive the people were at my interview day! Everyone genuinely wanted to help us get to the program where we wanted to be and find the things that we were looking for in a program. Everyone was so friendly and easy to get along with, and that has translated as I have started residency. The OSU/NCH med-peds program is one big family and someone always has your back!


Tori Charpentier

Hometown: Stillwater, MN

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical School: University of Minnesota

Why I chose Ohio State: After my interview day with OSU/NCH, I found myself comparing every other program to this one. It checked every box in terms of quality of training, and I remember that I just had a really feeling about it. It was absolutely the people that I got to talk with on interview day that decided it for me.


Maggie Holzworth

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Undergraduate: University of Florida
Medical School: University of Miami

Why I chose Ohio State: I loved everyone I met and really enjoyed the idea of being a part of a large program with a huge Med-Peds presence. It seems like everywhere you turn there's a Med-Peds trained person so the opportunities are endless. The program and people in it felt supportive and Columbus is a great place that felt like home when I came to visit. Basically, the program and people had all around great vibes.


Benjamin Jacob

Hometown: Provo, UT

Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Medical School: UT Southwestern

Why I chose Ohio State: Two main factors: opportunity and camaraderie. OSU/NCH has a wide array of opportunities to deepen as well as expand your medical knowledge and practice. I am very impressed by the strong Med-Peds presence in diverse departments of the medical center. These rich resources for learning are only matched by the strong spirit of camaraderie amongst all trainees. Our categorical colleauges are incredible to work with and Med-Peds residents weave in and out of the categorical cohorts seamlessly, while also enjoying a robust and uplifting network of friends within Med-Peds. I've been taught, supported and inspired by the highest caliber people from my first day here.


Thomas Mason

Hometown: Alliance, OH

Undergraduate: University of Mount Union
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: During medical school, I had the unique chance to work with many of the Med-Peds residents and faculty members at OSU/NCH. My experiences were quite positive across the board because the program here values both world class training and the humanity of of the patient and the learner. So, staying here just felt like the right thing becasue I felt like I had found my people!


Eleftheria Matsa

Hometown: Rockbridge and Worthington, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University

Why I chose Ohio State: Staying at OSU/NCH for residency--even after having already completed my undergraduate and medical degrees at OSU--was a no brainer. Knowing the Med Peds faculty at OSU/NCH, witnessing the world class caliber of both institutions, and experiencing the camaraderie and teamwork of the healthcare providers throughout both the categorical and combined programs made it the easiest choice in the world to want to stay. Also, the Med Peds program here consistently attracts really wonderful physicians. I'm pretty sure my co-interns are some of the nicest, coolest people I've ever met, and going through residency with anyone else already seems impossible.


Grant Robertson

Hometown: Wheeling, WV

Undergraduate: West Virginia University
Medical School: West Virginia University

Why I chose Ohio State: The biggest reason for me was seeing not only how well all of the residents knew each other and got along during the pre-interview social, but also how well the program and assistant program directors knew all of the residents. Even through Zoom you could tell that everyone in this program was truly close to one another, and since day one of residency here it has felt like I have joined a big, supportive family!


Caroline Skulski

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Undergraduate: Notre Dame
Medical School: University of Cincinnati

Why I chose Ohio State: I knew I wanted to be a part of a large program with a strong med-peds presence for the sake of professional development, but I also wanted a program where I could tell people actually spent time together outside of work. On interview day, I was impressed that even over zoom, I could tell the residents were friends.


Josh Spegman

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Undergraduate: Lewis and Clark College in Portland OR
Medical School: Mayo Clinic AZ campus

Why I chose Ohio State: Love the widespread med-peds presence on both campuses and how med-peds residents will go out of their way to visit each other on rotations and in general just have each others backs.


Samuel Stanley

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Undergraduate: University of Alabama
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University

Why I chose Ohio State: I was looking for a program where Med-Peds was a well established feature on the wards, not a side show. The size of OSU/NCH ensures that Med-Peds residents are integral parts of both programs while the sheer number of Med-Peds grads who stay on as attendings creates a particularly robust training culture for our specialty. That OSU/NCH also offered two world class hospitals and people that I would want to spend time with outside of work sealed the deal for me.


Adouli Jennifer 

Jennifer Adouli

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Undergraduate: UNC-Chapel Hill
Medical School: UNC-Chapel Hill

Why I chose Ohio State: It has been said before, but the people here were some of the most genuine and kind people on the interview trail. I sensed that the residents were tight knit and take good care of each other. After being here, this couldn't have been truer. The program leadership, my co-interns, and the upper-level residents have made Columbus feel like home in a few short months. In addition, it can be difficult to find a program that has both a strong pediatric and adult medicine training, as well as a big Med-Peds presence. OSU/NCH has it all! I feel very fortunate to have matched here, surrounded by such wonderful and inspiring people.

Buchanan Brady 

Brady Buchanan

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Undergraduate: Wake Forest University
Medical School: East Carolina University

Why I chose Ohio State: The people, especially the program directors, were a step above my other interviews and I really wanted to have people like that looking out for me during residency. OSU had almost every specialty I could imagine and I am still unsure about specializing so having these options for electives was important for me, and a great chance to learn from many experts. The location is new for me but I have really loved Columbus since being here. The Columbus community is very strong!

Chahal Simran 

Simi Chahal

Hometown: Yuba City, CA

Undergraduate: UCLA
Medical School: OSUCOM

Why I chose Ohio State: THE PEOPLE (as cheesy as it is)! The medpeds presence is unmatched - not only do the residents have a strong presence on both sides, but the medpeds community has strong representation amonst fellows and attendings. When you mention that you're medpeds, you're always met with enthusiasm. Plus, my co-residents and I have yet to go more than a few days without hanging out, regardless of how busy our rotations are. I could not ask for better friends!!


Hannah Chi

Hometown: Berrien Springs, MI

Undergraduate: Andrews University
Medical School: Loma Linda University

Why I chose Ohio State: Honestly, I actually didn't know a lot about OSU/NCH prior to my interview day, but I had heard good things about the residency program from a trusted advisor at my medical school. And he was right! I was so impressed with OSU/NCH on my interview day, and I continued to be impressed with this program even after I matched and started residency here. The MedPeds program here has everything I was looking for in a residency program: large MedPeds resident body, outstanding education, supportive learning environment, and most importantly, incredible, like-minded people who want to help each other grow.

Dazelle Wayde 

Wayde Dazelle

Hometown: Westfield, MA

Undergraduate: College of Saint Rose
Medical School: George Washington University

Why I chose Ohio State: Coming from a medical school without a med-peds program, I was looking for an institution that not only provided that training, but truly valued and celebrated it. The OSU/NCH program provides that and more ... honestly, at times it feels like med-peds rules the world here! Beyond that, the OSU/NCH program really gets at the heart of what drew me to med-peds in the first place: the ability to maximize not only breadth of knowledge in the adult and pediatric spheres of medicine, but also depth of knowledge. With two incredibly strong categorical programs supporting us, I have no doubt that I will, at the end of my training, have the knowledge and experience to thrive in both worlds! Lastly, what I have come to value most during my time here is how truly amazing my collegues are. My co-interns (and really everyone I've met here) are some of the most kind, thoughtful, supportive, dynamic, and brilliant people that I've ever met. Pretty cool, right?

Hanson Lydia 

Lydia Hanson

Hometown: Dayton, VA

Undergraduate: Carleton College
Medical School: University of Virginia

Why I chose Ohio State: My medical school didn't have a med-peds program, so I was looking for a program where everyone actually knew what med-peds was. The OSU program is tight knit, supportive, and respected within both categorical programs. I knew I would get strong training on both sides and have plenty of mentorship available to me as I figure out what I want to do with my life! Now that I'm here, I feel so lucky to be a part of this community of kind, enthusiastic, and supportive people!

Levenseller Rachel 

Rachel Levenseller

Hometown: University Place, WA

Undergraduate: University of Washington
Medical School: University of Washington SOM

Why I chose Ohio State: One of my best friends and my advisor both gave glowing reviews of OSU to me, so I added it to my list! While I thought I would want to stay on the west coast for residency to be closer to home, I soon learned that the Midwest and East Coast is where the heart of Med Peds is. I fell hard for OSU after my interview day. Coming from the West Coast, I was so impressed by the large presence of Med Peds here. I am peds leaning, but wanted two strong categorical programs, which OSU and Nationwide exceeded at. The resources and med ed opportunities of these institutions is endless. But what really set this program apart was the people. I could tell how close the cohort was and the leaders of the program stood out from the rest. Now that I'm here, I know more than ever that I made the right choice and the move was worth it!

Lim Jong 

James Lim

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea/Irvine, CA

Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Medical School: UCSF

Why I chose Ohio State: I came from a medical school that didn't have much med-peds presence, so coming here has been a breath of fresh air in terms of how many faculty members are MP trained! MP almost seems over-represented (if that's even possible) when it comes to folks in med-ed leadership positions. People here are super nice and smart and you will feel so cared for by all the people in the MP residency.

Miller Spencer 

Spencer Miller

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergraduate: Ohio State
Medical School: Ohio State

Why I chose Ohio State: I became interested in med/peds interacting with all the med/peds attendings and resident here. There are countless med/peds faculty and 40 residents, so med/peds is a large part of the culture of OSU and NCH. As a medical student, all the med/peds residents were so nice and excited to teach. During interview season, the residents here still stood out as extremely friendy and fun to be around. I love being close to my family in Ohio and close to all these residents who have become my close friends in 2 short months.

Paine Dana 

Dana Paine

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Undergraduate: Carleton College
Medical School: University of Washington

Why I chose Ohio State: My medical school didn't have a Med-Peds program and I was excited to have a bigger program with a large Med-Peds presence. After my interview, I was excited that OSU both checked all my boxes and that the residents seemed so happy and supportive of each other. Everyone here is kind, smart, and engaged in learning; the Med-Peds community really takes care of each other and it feels very special to be a part of this community!

Learn more about the Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residents (PDF)

Learn more about the Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residents (PDF)