MartinDr. W. Thomas Martin

Thinking thirty years ahead is not something that many people do, but when Dr. W. Thomas Martin first started his ophthalmology practice he wanted to show his appreciation for the fine training that he had received in the OSU Department of Ophthalmology. With that in mind, he purchased life insurance policies for himself and his two children and named OSU Ophthalmology as the beneficiaries. After 30 successful years in practice, he is still happy with his decision. “I wanted to give because of my training,” said Dr. Martin. “I trained with Dr. Havener, who was like a walking dictionary. You could be in surgery with him and ask him anything. He could answer ophthalmology questions all day.” The son of a Northern Ohio ophthalmologist, Dr. Martin went to OSU Medical School before being selected by OSU Ophthalmology. After graduating, he joined his father’s Massillon, Ohio comprehensive ophthalmology practice. “Dad was a big-hearted doctor,” said Dr. Martin's son John Martin, DDS. “He would rather that his patients get what they needed than take a paycheck home. He really cared about his patients.” Dr. Martin really cared about his education as well. In addition to the matured insurance policies, he has made many monetary gifts to OSU Ophthalmology, totaling over $40,000. “It is so encouraging to see residents giving back,” said Dr. Alan Letson, Residency Program Director. “We are always striving to live up to the level of training that Dr. Havener always gave. Gifts like this make it possible.” Dr. Martin is enjoying his much-deserved retirement in Norfolk, Virginia where he lives with his oldest son, John.