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For 12 years the BuckEYE Clinic has provided eye healthcare to individuals in the Franklin County Area. Individuals we care for are required to live in Franklin County, are under the poverty line, and do not have health insurance. The BuckEYE Clinic is run on a bi-monthly basis by 25-30 volunteers. These volunteers provide ophthalmology, optometry, technician, imaging, front desk, and security services outside of normal working hours.

The BuckEYE Clinic provides:

·      Prescription glasses
·      Transportation services
·      Interpreter services
·      Financial help for prescriptions

Key individuals in the BuckEYE Clinic are ophthalmologist Mona Adeli, MD and patient access coordinator Deanna Manning.


To help support individuals in Columbus Ohio through the BuckEYE Clinic please visit: https://www.giveto.osu.edu/makeagift/details/312805

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