“Carl Baldwin had a lifelong interest in science and technology...and a deep concern about vision and eye problems.”

A trust established in 1977 to support vision research at Ohio state received a final generous distribution from the estates of the late Carl and Grace Baldwin. The Baldwins, who were lifelong residents of Columbus, Ohio, created the Carl M. and Grace C. Baldwin Eye Care Fund to advance the study of the eye, causes of blindness, and the restoration of sight.

The trust provided ongoing support for nearly 28 years to the Havener Eye Institute and the Department of Ophthalmology for critical research in vision diseases, patient care, and treatments of blinding disorders.

The Baldwin’s commitment to vision research and the treatment of eye disease allows the department to explore new and innovative areas of research into the causes and treatment of blinding eye disease. This legacy is a remarkable tribute to the physicians who pioneered vision care at Ohio State and their relationship with the Baldwin family.

The stewardship of the Baldwin trust was passed from Grace and Carl to their niece, the late Betty Watson, of Vero Beach, Florida in 1978. According to Edward Watson, Betty’s husband, Carl Baldwin was always very close to Ohio State and his care at the Medical Center inspired his gift to the University.

“Betty was a graduate of Ohio State, and the family has always had a great closeness to the University,” he notes. “She wanted Carl’s wishes carried out and it was an affection the entire family felt for Ohio State.” The Watsons both graduated from Ohio State. “Carl Baldwin had a lifelong interest in science and technology,” Watson adds, “and a deep concern about vision and eye problems.”

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