Our curriculum is divided into 13 block rotations, consisting of rotations of two or four week blocks of time. The curriculum for each block is tailored to the resident’s level of training and experience. Residents rotate through the various radiology subspecialties and work one-on-one with subspecialty trained attending radiologists, integrating a curriculum geared towards the new ABR Core Examination.

The cases that the residents are expected to interpret correspond to their level of training – lower level residents read more basic cases and modalities and upper level residents select or are assigned more advanced cases. The case volume available is high, and the complexity of cases (as a transplant center, tertiary care referral center and comprehensive cancer center) provides an outstanding environment for learning. The residents’ responsibility also is to choose cases that commiserate with their experience and background to maximize their education, i.e. particularly with regards to interventional cases. The attending radiologists provide case-by-case teaching at the workstations and are responsible for ensuring all clinical work is completed.