EEI PhotoThe William H. Havener Eye Institute Discretionary Fund | Fund Number: 317563 | Supports the Havener Eye Institute for strategic initiatives, research and programs. (Current Use)

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“Gift” is a word with many meanings; our eyesight is a gift we often take for granted. For those with loss of vision, the value of the gift of sight is crystal clear.  Our goal at the Havener Eye Institute is to serve the patient with eye disease through the most advanced level of care, treatment, or surgery. We also seek to advance education and research to cure the leading causes of blindnesssuch as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

HavenerThe Havener Eye Institute faculty and staff provide invaluable services to the community in all areas of preventive health and vision care. We value our role as a partner in delivering exceptional care for countless patients and families across Ohio. Our educational programs are training physicians of tomorrow. We provide leadership and expertise in the patient care arena andthrough research, hope to prevent blindness and create new knowledge for improved care.

The Havener Eye Institute will continue to grow and maintain a dynamic balance between outstanding patient care, pioneering research and quality educational programs. We look forward to expanding our center of excellence with a strong partnership between physicians, staff and patients.

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