Image Analysis and Data Science

Director: Nathan Doble, PhD

Co-director: Srini Parthasarathy, PhD

Lab manager: tba

ERG: tba

Email: tba


Please cite P30EY032857 in all publications that make use of the Ohio State University Vision Science Research Core Program (OSU-VSRCP). Services are performed at the OSU Vision Sciences Research Core Program under P30EY032857. Services are performed at the OSU Vision Sciences Research Core Program under P30EY032857. Services include technician time and training time. Equipment includes the Celeris ERG, iCare Tonovet Plus, Leica SD-OCT, Micron IV, Nikon AXR Confocal, Operating Microscope, Topcon Fundus Camera, Zeiss Axio Confocal.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning

computer screen with html codeArtificial intelligence and machine learning are making important advances in many fields of study. The Image Analysis and Data Science core will provide expertise in machine learning and deep learning. This includes analyzing data from eye imaging, eye tests and electronic health records.

“The data science field, or ‘big data,’ requires a combination of certain skill sets and knowledge that blend clinical acumen, computer science, health sciences, social scientists, economics and public health,” Dr. Moroi says.

College of Optometry faculty Nathan Doble, PhD, and College of Engineering faculty Srinivasan Parthasarathy, PhD, will combine their expertise in imaging and computer science to provide investigators data science analytic capabilities. The team also will leverage access to the Translational Data Analytics Institute and the Center for the Advancement of Team Science, Analytics and Systems Thinking in Health Services and Implementation Science Research.

“Beyond providing data science services to investigators, we have the long-term ambition to create high-quality and robust data commons so that other scientists can apply innovative analytical methods on the dataset,” Dr. Moroi says. “Our aspiration is to develop a common data architecture for our vision research community and be able to share it outside of Ohio State.”

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