Deep-Learning (DL) sciences, Machine-Learning (ML) techniques, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to clinical imaging sciences come together with our team of physicians and scientists in this laboratory.

Our mission is to explore and harness the potential of computer-based learning and intelligence to augment understanding of health and disease states for the purposes of improving clinical care, research and education related to radiology, biomedical imaging, and medical imaging informatics.

Under the leadership of Richard D. White, MD, MS, scientific direction of Luciano M. Prevedello, MD, MPH, and technical guidance of Barbaros Selnur Erdal, PhD, the Department of Radiology of The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Medicine is leveraging DL/MI/AItechnologies to augment quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery and disease understanding related to radiology/biomedical imaging/medical imaging informatics in support of the medical center. The Department of Radiology has intentionally built the supporting infrastructure for agile translational research development and guidance of clinical operations.

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Augmented Intelligence Imaging Lab Research Team


Barbaros Selnur Erdal, PhD

  • Director, Laboratory for Augmented Intelligence in Imaging
    Associate Professor

Matt Bigelow, MBA

  • Biomedical Imaging Consultant

Sema Candemir, PhD

  • Research Scientist

Mutlu Demirer, PhD

  • Research Scientist

Engin Dikici, PhD

  • Research Scientist

Vikash Gupta, PhD

  • Research Scientist

Luciano Prevedello, MD, MPH

  • Vice Chair, Informatics & Augmented Intelligence in Medical Imaging
    Associate Professor

Richard D. White, MD, MS

  • Chair, Department of Radiology
    Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Imaging

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