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Matt Anderson, PhD


Assistant Professor, Microbiology
Assistant Professor, Microbial Infection and Immunity

Contact information:​
714 Riffe Building
496 W 12th Ave, Columbus OH 43210
Phone:(614) 247-0058


Research Gate Publications

Research Interests

Candida albicans resides as a harmless commensal in the majority of people worldwide but is capable of causing superficial mucosal infections in otherwise healthy individuals as well as life-threatening systemic infections in patients with compromised immune systems.  Widespread genotypic and phenotypic diversity is found among C. albicans clinical isolates, including variability in the extent of disease produced in animal models of infection.  We are working to identify the genetic basis for C. albicans phenotypic diversity and explore how individual polymorphisms affect host/pathogen interactions using combined quantitative genetic approaches.

 Laboratory:  714 Riffe Building, 614-247-0058

The Anderson Lab


Matt Dunn

Graduate Student


Bobby Fillinger

Graduate Student​


​Joshua Wang ​Lab Researcher ​wang.10983@osu.edu
​Pam Washington ​Lab Manager ​washington.487@osu.edu