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Ohio State Expert: This New Year, Resolve To Give Yourself A Break
December 9, 2020 | WABG-TV

New Year’s Day is typically a time to make resolutions, such as exercising more, eating better or losing weight. But this year, mental health experts at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center say making such major New Year’s resolutions during these chaotic times can add more stress and be counterproductive. Instead, take some time to reset, focusing on what you can do to take better care of yourself in 2021. Sophie Lazarus is quoted. This coverage resulted from pitching efforts and a multimedia release distributed by OSUWMC Media Relations.

How Less Light In Fall And Winter Affects Our Emotions
November 5, 2020 | Spectrum News (Cleveland)

Our sunset is getting earlier and earlier with each passing day and as we move to mid and late fall the seemingly shorter days in longer nights may keep us inside more. And there are other effects that the dwindling amount of sunlight can have. We’ll break down why less light can wreak havoc on us emotionally in more ways than one. Sophie Lazarus is quoted.

Keeping Peace Amidst Different Political Views During Election Season
October 21, 2020 | WKOW-TV

This election season has divided the country like no other. "Our country is divided more than ever," said Dr. K. Luan Phan, a psychiatrist at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center. Opposing views can not only impact your mental health, but can sever friendships or damage relationships between family members.

Gen Z Is the Most Stressed Out Group in America, Poll Finds
October 20, 2020 | Newsweek

The American Psychological Association's (APA) Stress in American 2020 report revealed that, on average, Gen Z adults scored their stress levels in the past month as 6.1 out of 10, with 10 being the highest level. The average across all adults was 5. Ken Yeager is quoted.

Youth suicide rates were escalating pre-pandemic. Here's how to keep the coronavirus crisis from making it worse

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, an annual U.S. campaign to raise awareness for suicide, and National Suicide Prevention Week, a dedicated time “to share resources and stories,” runs from Sunday to Saturday. Amid rising suicide rates among youth and the mental health threats posed by the coronavirus pandemic, experts are sharing tips for helping teens and children. Craig Bryan is quoted.

Timely follow-up reduces suicide risk for youths discharged from psychiatric hospital

Youths who received outpatient mental health follow-up within 1 week of psychiatric hospital discharge appeared at reduced risk for suicide in the immediate period after discharge, according to study results published in JAMA Network Open. Cynthia A. Fontanella is quoted.

Study: Google Searches For Anxiety Symptoms Are Up During Pandemic
August 27, 2020 | WCAX-TV

From COVID-19 to job insecurity to social distancing to protests against racial inequality, 2020 hasn’t been easy. “All those things, I think, are waves of pandemics that are increasingly building upon one another,” according to Dr. K. Luan Phan, who heads the department of psychiatry and behavioral health at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.

Health Effects of Unemployment
July 24, 2020 | U.S. News & World Report

Since the coronavirus pandemic was declared in mid-March, many Americans have suffered job losses. As of this writing, the national unemployment rate stands at 11.1%, and some 17,750,000 people are unemployed. This paints a bleak economic picture as a whole, but individually, it could have far reaching health impacts too. Dr. K. Luan Phan is quoted.

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