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2017 Alumni Award Winners

The following individuals were honored at the 2017 College of Medicine Alumni Awards Celebration on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners!  

​Alumni Achievement Award

Henry Schultz, MD '75 

Henry Schultz, MD ‘75, MACP, is highly regarded for his
contributions and tireless dedication to innovation and leadership
in medical education. A professor of medicine and a primary
care general internist at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
and Science and Science in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. Schultz
graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine
in 1975. He completed his residency in 1979 at the Mayo Clinic.
From 1987 to 2002, he served as the program director of the
Mayo internal medicine residency program. Over 1,200 residents
completed training during that period, and the ​program is now
the largest residency in the country. Throughout his career,
Dr. Schultz has served in leadership positions with numerous
professional organizations, including the Association of Program
Directors of Internal Medicine, the Residency Review Committee
for Internal Medicine, the National Resident Matching Program and
the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. He is
currently director of the Office of Program Accreditation Support in
the Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education.

David Warner, MD '83 Doherty, Dennis 005.jpg

David Warner, MD ’83, is renowned for his extensive contributions to
the fields of anesthesiology and clinical research. He is a professor
of anesthesiology and associate dean for faculty affairs at the Mayo
Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota, where
he also directs the Office for Health Disparities Research and serves
as co-principal investigator of the NIH-funded Mayo Clinic Center for
Clinical and Translational Sciences. Dr. Warner graduated from The
Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1983 and completed
his anesthesia residency and fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in
1988. His research programs have been supported by the National
Institutes of Health and other sources for over 25 years. His current
research focuses on neurodevelopmental outcomes in children after
anesthesia and tobacco control in surgical patients. Dr. Warner also
serves as a director for the American Board of Anesthesiology, leading
its assessment and research programs.

Early Career Achievement Award

Aharon Freud, MD/PhD '08 RoychowdhurySameek.jpg
Aharon (Ronnie) Freud, MD/PhD ’08 a clinical hematopathologist, is
the principal investigator of a basic science laboratory investigating
how the human body produces cancer-killing white blood cells called
natural killer (NK) cells. His lab has made significant contributions
characterizing key steps in the production of NK cells. A faculty
member at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Dr. Freud
has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and was most recently
awarded a prestigious and highly competitive NIH R01 grant that
will fund his laboratory for the next five years. A native of Columbus,
Ohio, Dr. Freud completed his combined MD/PhD at The Ohio State
University College of Medicine in 2008. Following his residency and
fellowship training in pathology at Stanford University, he returned to
Columbus and joined the Ohio State faculty in August 2013 as a tenure
in Georgia track-assistant professor in the Department of Pathology,
where he teaches residents and clinical fellows.

Brian Miller, MD/MPH '05 BrianMiller.jpg

Brian Miller, MD/MPH ‘05, PhD, is an associate professor with tenure
in the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior at Augusta
University. He has been widely recognized for his exemplary work
in teaching, clinical practice and research in psychiatric medicine.
Dr. Miller graduated with a combined MD/MPH degree from The
Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2005, and a PhD in
psychiatric epidemiology from the University of Oulu in Finland.
He completed his general psychiatry residency and fellowship in
psychotic disorders at Augusta University. His current research on
inflammation and immune dysfunction in schizophrenia is funded
by the National Institute of Mental Health, the Stanley Medical
Research Institute and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.
In addition to his research, Dr. Miller continues to care for patients
with schizophrenia and supervises and teaches residents and
medical students in general psychiatry.

Alumni Service Award

John Pajka, MD '861-Pajka,John.JPG

John Pajka, MD, has a long tradition of humanitarian outreach, using
his time off as an ophthalmologist in private practice to bring eye
care to impoverished communities worldwide. Since 1992, Dr. Pajka
has traveled on over 45 self-funded endeavors to 12 countries on
four continents, bringing volunteer surgical teams and supplies to
provide free cataract surgery to the blind in the developing world,
while also helping to train international eye surgeons. Over 5,000
blind patients have had their sight restored through these efforts. A
native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Pajka graduated cum laude from The
Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1986 and completed his
ophthalmology residency at Ohio State four years later. He has been
in private practice in Lima, Ohio, since 1990, specializing in cataract
and refractive surgery. In 1997 Dr. Pajka and his wife Linda established
the Eye Surgery Center of Western Ohio, one of the first eye-specific
surgery centers in western Ohio.

Faculty Teaching Award​​

William (Fred) Miser, MD ‘82 ​Curren (2).jpg

William (Fred) Miser, MD ’86, is highly regarded as a teacher and
mentor and for inspiring the next generation of skilled doctors. He
graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in
1982 on a military scholarship and completed his family medicine
residency in 1985 at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center in
Augusta, Georgia. Over the next 12 years, Dr. Miser spent a career
in the U.S. Army at medical centers in Washington state and
Hawaii. After his military retirement in 1997, he joined Ohio State’s
Department of Family Medicine, first as residency director, then as
a clinical researcher. He resumed the residency director position
in 2009. A tenured professor of family medicine, Dr. Miser has won
numerous awards for teaching and research, including from the
Ohio Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy
of Family Physicians and The Ohio State University College of
Medicine’s Courage to Teach and Distinguished Educator awards.