The Alumni Achievement Award should recognize a level of distinction just short of that currently required for an honorary degree at The Ohio State University. Nominees for this award who have received an earlier honorary degree might be excluded in order to recognize as many deserving nominees as possible.

Nominees are actively solicited from alumni, the Medical Alumni Society and the chairpersons of the reunion classes. All full-time faculty members will be asked to submit a nomination for consideration. However, anyone can nominate a worthy alumnus or alumna. Nominations should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, including but not limited to: recently updated CV, resume and/or recently updated biographical sketch. 

Selection of a nominee for receipt of the Alumni Achievement Award requires a majority vote by members of the Committee on Faculty and Alumni Programs, Honors and Awards. It is intended that all faculty members and alumni have an opportunity to participate in the selection of recipients of this award through their representatives.

No set number of awards will be made annually and, conceivably, there will be years during which no awards will be made.

The classes of achievement might be listed under the following:

  • contributions to organized medicine
  • President of State Medical Society or other national organizations
  • high academic post
  • responsible position in military with high rank
  • author of text, editor of a peer-reviewed journal, etc.
  • recognized master clinician (this would be the most difficult to select)
  • exceptional support to the University
  • distinguished service in the VA, NIH, etc.