Thank you for making a difference in the lives of medical students. Our students are brilliant and deserving. They're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard in school. They want to succeed. They want to make a difference.

Your Giving Impacts Our Students

"This scholarship means the world to me. As I approach my fourth year of medical school, a year that is known to be incredibly expensive between Step 2 examinations, applications, and interview traveling, I feel a sense of relief. Instead of stressing over finances, I can focus my energy on something more productive: my learning. Thank you to all of the donors!"

"This scholarship enables me to feel more comfortable about my goals to pursue academic or non-for-profit medicine models because even though I will still graduate will a sizable amount of debt it will be manageable with the aid of donors through scholarships like these."

"The Ohio State University gave me an opportunity to prove that I had what it takes to become a successful medical student through MedPath. Thanks to MedPath, my dream of becoming a physician will be accomplished in 2019!"

"Medical school is a tough time for most, especially when it comes to finances. In addition to paying for tuition, housing, food, and some of the other basic expenses, there includes miscellaneous expenses such as board tests and prep books and resources. Receiving this scholarship has truly helped to ease the burden of some of the expenses associated with medical school and has allowed me to shift and focus much more on my studies to become the best physician I can be and provide the best care possible in the future."