The Community Practice Alumni Award is presented to College of Medicine or resident alumni practicing in a non-academic setting in acknowledgement of distinguished career achievements, both in contributions to the practice of medicine and to society as a whole.

Nominations should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, including but not limited to: recently updated CV, resume and/or recently updated biographical sketch.

Questions on nomination form:

  • Level of commitment to their community (through involvement and time committed by the volunteer; service of all types is considered, such as spending time with medical students, providing leadership for issues relevant to their community or serving in a unique capacity)
  • Most significant support provided (service that helps preserve, maintain and promote the nominees community using the education in the field of medicine he/she gained by attending OSUCOM)
  • Most significant impact made on medical care in the broader community
  • Most significant other accolades
  • Share why you believe this alumnus is deserving of the Community Practice Award