The Faculty Teaching Award should recognize a level of distinction just short of that currently required for an honorary degree at The Ohio State University. The Faculty Teaching Award is presented annually to an alumnus or non-alumnus of The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Nominees will be actively solicited through the Executive Committee of the Medical Alumni Society and the chairpersons of the returning classes. All full-time faculty members will also be solicited for suitable nominees. Nominations should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, including but not limited to: recently updated CV, resume and/or recently updated biographical sketch.

Selection of a nominee for receipt of the Faculty Teaching Award requires a majority vote by the Committee on Faculty and Alumni Programs, Honors and Awards. It is intended that all alumni and full-time faculty members have an opportunity through their null representatives to participate in the nomination of candidates for this award.

To maintain and enhance the significance of the award, it is desirable that the number of awards given be limited to one or two annually. Final action will be based on a consensus of the members of the committee attending the meeting called for selections.

The classes of achievement may include the following:

  • alumni recognition of outstanding teaching contributions experienced while students
  • high academic post served with distinction
  • recognized master clinician-teacher
  • honorable and significant service to The Ohio State University and the College of Medicine