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India: Government set to tighten stem cell therapy norms

​India is moving to tighten regulations for stem cell therapy in the wake of domestic and international firms making false claims about treating incurable diseases with the help of the advanced technology.  The Health ministry recently submitted a r ...[Read More]

University of Washington’s “naïve stem cell” breakthrough

​The web site Stem Cells Freak reports on the recently published work of University of Washington researchers who have created a line of human embryonic stem cells with the ability to develop into a far broader range of tissues than most existing ce ...[Read More]

University of Wisconsin researchers discover new way to make muscle cells from human stem cells

​A research group at the UW -Madison has discovered a new way to make large concentrations of skeletal muscle cells and muscle progenitors from human stem cells. The new method, described in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, could be us ...[Read More]

GEN: Gamida Cell weighs buyout; Novartis mum on report

​Stem cell drug developer Gamida Cell is weighing a buyout offer from a global pharmaceutical company that has offered it hundreds of millions of dollars.Editor’s note: For additional information about this potential $600 million deal, read the repo ...[Read More]

University of South Florida (USF) study shows stem cells could help injured brains

​A study at USF using a combination of stem cells offers hope for  those suffering with traumatic brain injuries. The preclinical study by neuroscientists involved a combination of human umbilical cord cells and a growth factor known as granulocyte ...[Read More]

UC Davis stem cell researchers findings may offer answers for some bladder defects and disease

​UC Davis reports, that for the first time, scientists have succeeded in coaxing laboratory cultures of human stem cells to develop into the specialized, unique cells needed to repair a patient’s defective or diseased bladder. ...[Read More]

Stem cells from a pricked finger -A*STAR scientists create stem cells from a drop of blood

​A pinprick of blood may be all that is needed in the future to gather enough material to grow replacement organs. Scientists at Singapore’s A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology have developed a method to create human stem cells out of a m ...[Read More]

Bio-printing: Benjamin Harrison at TEDxMidwest

​WFIRM researcher, Dr. Ben Harrison, suggests that there are limitless possibilities for 3D printing and the duplication of human tissues that can counter the degenerative effects of aging and disease on the human body.  ...[Read More]

Stem Cell Action Coalition opposes Oklahoma bill that would make human embryonic stem cell research a felony

​The Stem Cell Action Coalition urged the Oklahoma Senate to reject a bill that threatens researchers and couples donating surplus IVF embryos for biomedical research, with up to life imprisonment. ...[Read More]
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