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Gallego-Perez earns NIH Director’s Innovator Award for Tissue Nano-Transfection (TNT) Technology

Last year we reported on a new nanotechnology with applications in regenerative medicine -- Tissue Nano-Transfection (or TNT). TNT was developed through collaborative research between College of Engineering and College of Medicine faculty with the intent to control tissue plasticity, in vivo, without the need for viral vectors. This New Innovator Award to Dr. Gallego-Perez (pictured) builds on reported findings that TNT can modulate lineage conversions in skin tissue. Efforts in his proposal are focused to develop effective strategies to control the plasticity of surgically accessible tissues for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Gallego-Perez plans to use these funds to strengthen ongoing collaborations with colleagues at OSU, including Dr. Cameron Rink (Neurological Surgery), Dr. Stephen Kolb (Neurology), and Dr. Ian Valerio (Plastic Surgery), with the overall aim of developing novel therapeutic approaches to treat nerve tissue deficiencies at both central and peripheral nervous system levels.

NIH Grant Number DP2 EB028110

Link to College of Engineering article: