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Save-a-Limb Ribbon 


Designed at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Wound Center, the Save-A-Limb ribbon draws public awareness to the fact that over two million Americans are living with the loss or absence of a limb.  Every day in the United States over 500 Americans lose a limb to disease, trauma, or birth defect. The red in the ribbon represents the well vascularized intact limb while the blue represents the ischemic limb lost to amputation. The red streak in the blue limb signifies hope of perfusing ischemic limbs. 

Please wear this ribbon for those who have lost a limb and to disseminate awareness on the need to protect limbs at risk through research, education and innovative clinical care.​


Posted on 29-Mar-12 by Geier, Eric
Tags: OSU Regenerative Medicine News
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