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OSU Spin out Neurxstem recieves $150k TVSF Phase II Award 


OSU Spin out Neurxstem recieves $150k TVSF Phase II Award

Drugs developed to treat human central nervous system (CNS) disorders currently use rodent model systems to approximate humans.   However, despite their apparent success in rodent models, most drugs fail in subsequent human clinical trials.  Rather than relying on accepted, but severely limited rodent models, model systems that accurately mimic the human central nervous system are necessary.  Leveraging proprietary technology in a fully-equipped laboratory, NEURXSTEM, LLC can grow synthetic neural organoids from adult induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from skin cells. NEURXSTEM  is developing products initially to be delivered as a specialized contract research organization (CRO). The company will provide fee-based testing for drug targets and candidate toxicity, safety and efficacy using a synthetic Neural Organoid Screening Platform developed based on this proprietary technology.

Technology co-inventors: Rene Anand and Susan McKay CSO and Founder: Dr. Rene Anand, PhD
CTO: Ms. Susan McKay, M.S.
CEO: Dr. Michael Triplett, PhD


Posted on 18-Apr-16 by Toto, Brent
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